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Gas rigs set for recycling

Gas rigs set for recycling

Two companies have won a big contract to decommission gas platforms with the aim of hitting a recycling rate of 96% of materials.

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Waste project saves £100m

Businesses saved over £100m by reducing food waste over the past three years, waste chiefs said last week.

Circular economy test for businesses

A pilot project involving Argos and 29 other big-name organisations has pulled together business models to help others squeeze out circular economy efficiencies.

Cap campaign targets two million

A campaign encouraging residents to recycle aluminium screw tops along with their glass bottles has launched across four local authorities.

Tyres recycled into clean oil

Exhaust emissions from oil from recycled tyres have almost a third less smog-inducing nitrogen oxide than oil from fossil sources but almost the same performance,...

Christmas waste bill hits £72m

Christmas waste cost English councils £72m yet authorities have no powers to cut the bill, says a thinktank.